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August is a month of barbecues, baseball, and last-minute vacations against the backdrop of a fading summer, and the eighth month of 2019 proved to be an equally exciting time at BIOPAC, with something of a pleasant vacation thrown in. On August 12-14, BIOPAC hosted its 2nd Biennial “Tools, Trends, Techniques, and Technology” Human Physiology Conference, known as “T4” to our friends and partners around the world. This three-day event, first held in 2017, featured lively, informative sessions hosted by BIOPAC staff, partners, noted academics, and industry experts, and covered a wide range of physiological techniques and disciplines. Over 150 attendees joined BIOPAC at the 2019 T4 Conference staged once again at the beautiful University of California at Santa Barbara campus. Participants and instructors winged in from China, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Spain, U.K., Ireland, and Egypt, as well as from wide regions of the U.S and Canada to soak up the idyllic surroundings of this ocean-side campus.

The focus of BIOPAC’s T4 Conference was to provide a fun, relaxed environment while hosting nearly 40 hands-on, human physiology training workshops chaired by over 20 distinguished instructors from around the globe. One of the many conference highlights was the “Mindfulness, Meditation, and Measurement: Mindfulness Exercises in Physiological Monitoring” session, hosted by Dr. Allan Weiss of the University of Southern California and  BIOPAC Co-founder and Director of R & D Alan Macy. These sessions, conducted in two parts over a two day period were booked beyond capacity, even though the early morning fog hadn’t yet lifted from the campus skyline.

The varied additional sessions covered a range from the basics, “Setting Up Your Lab, Getting Great Data and Troubleshooting,” (hosted by Dr. Terry Blumenthal of Wake Forest University, and BIOPAC’s Alan Macy and Tim Cook), and “Creating Your Own Lessons Using BSL PRO,” (hosted by Dr. Taffeta Elliot of the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology), to exciting new technologies such as “Integrating Screen-based Eye Trackers with AcqKnowledge,” with Keith Jackson of BIOPAC partner company EyeTech, BIOPAC CEO Frazer Findlay, and BIOPAC Engineering Manager Ed Peterlin. Additional wide-ranging physiological disciplines were also covered, including MRI techniques, stimulation, and exercise physiology. All sessions were conducted using BIOPAC hardware and software systems, as well as platforms provided by BIOPAC partners such as Cedrus, fNIR, WorldViz, Psychology Software Tools, and CNSystems. At the end of each day, it was time to relax and unwind with a beverage of choice, a a walk along the beach, and some good conversation. Each evening featured excellent meals and camaraderie in the relaxed yet elegant environment of some of Santa Barbara and Goleta’s most stunning surroundings. After three great days of immersive sessions, it came time for everyone to part ways, having forged new collaborative partnerships and an enhanced knowledge about the full potential of BIOPAC and BIOPAC partner products.

You don’t have to wait for T4 2021 to learn more about life science data—watch Fundamentals of Physiological Data Recording now!

For a closer look at T4, and a preview of what is sure to be an exciting 2021 event, we invite you to visit our T4 Human Physiology Conference page.

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