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Advancements in the engineering of data acquisition components have closely paralleled the microchip revolution. Ever-smaller form factors available in wireless transmission formats have resulted in a boon for researchers wishing to collect high-quality physiological data from participants in unfettered environments undreamed of a few years ago.

One of the linchpins of these cutting-edge systems is BIOPAC’s BioNomadix Series of wireless life science transmitters and receivers. BioNomadix modular receiver/amplifiers connect to the mother ship of the acclaimed MP160 System while the bite-sized matched transmitters attach to the participant, or comfortably nestle in a garment such as the BioNomadix BIOSHIRT. Unobtrusive specially designed leads connect to skin electrodes affixed to the participant, and BioNomadix units relying on transducers (such as respiration and skin temperature) offer equal convenience.

An even more streamlined system, the BioNomadix Smart Center, is also available. This system combines BioNomadix transmitters with the Smart Center all-in-one receiver and data acquisition unit. The soap bar-sized Smart Center connects to a computer USB port and supports up to 9 channels of physiological data from up to three wireless BioNomadix transmitters. (All BioNomadix transmitters are supported but connection is limited to three at a time.)

BioNomadix transmitters are dual-channel or dual-signal, with the exception of the Accelerometer, which supports three channels (X, Y, and Z axes).

Acquired signals are of extremely high quality and clarity and are rendered in AcqKnowledge Research Software. BioNomadix systems are available for fourteen body signal types, including ECG, RSP, PPG, EDA, EOG, EEG, EMG, EGG, ACCL, SKT, Goniometer, Dynamometer with EMG, Cardiac Output, and Heel-Toe Strike.

What does all of this mean to the researcher? Nearly unlimited freedom of movement at distances up to 10 meters from the receiver units—opening up new avenues of research and even new vistas in artistic expression.

A stunning and eclectic example of the latter can be taken from this brief performance by Compagnie Linga, a contemporary dance company based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Dancers wore BioNomadix accelerometers to record transmit their movements in real time, which were then digitally rendered in sound. The result is a tableau of dance and self-generated musical accompaniment, an artscape created from the firings of human physiology.

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BIOPAC offers a wide array of wired and wireless equipment that can be used in your research. To find more information on solutions for recording and analyzing signals such as ECG, heart rate, respiration and more using any platforms mentioned in this blog post, you can visit the individual application pages on the BIOPAC website.

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