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The NIBP100D-HD provides noninvasive monitoring of blood pressure and hemodynamic measures, representing a big step for noninvasive measurements in physiological research. The device’s accuracy is comparable to clinical measures, allowing researchers to obtain the most accurate data through non-invasive recording.

The NIBP100D-HD monitors blood flow through sensors on the forearm and finger. The device utilizes algorithms to provide continuous data, resulting in precise hemodynamic signals measurements including blood pressure and cardiac output (CNCO). This form of measurement allows not only for accuracy in measuring signals but also in how the signals trend.

Two studies conducted by the national center for biomedical information highlight the device’s clinical accuracy. Researchers Smolle et al. identified potential benefits for noninvasive continuous blood pressure monitoring for ICU patients without an arterial line. In comparing the ability of the NIBP100D-HD to other invasive BP monitors, they found measurements from the device were accurate enough to be interchangeable with data presented from other invasive arterial devices.

In another study, the accuracy of the device’s volume clamp method for determining CNCO was tested in a clinical setting. Researchers Wanger et al. used the system on ICU patients who recently received cardiothoracic surgery, making a comparison between cardiac data from the CNCO to the standard PAC –CO device.  The results showed agreement between the two devices in measuring accurate cardiac output, as well as CNCO’s ability to accurately identify trends in a clinical setting.

Being comparable to clinical devices highlights the NIBP100D-HD’s recording accuracy. Its ability to measure noninvasively allows it to be an alternative solution to invasive arterial systems. Its stability in measuring signals and ability to quickly adjust to signal changes provide researchers with benefits when measuring threat state or emotional responses, where quick changes might influence the signal measurements.

BIOPAC offers a variety of equipment that can be used for noninvasive blood pressure measurement. To find more information on devices similar to NIBP100D-HD, you can visit the NIBP product page on the BIOPAC website.

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