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By: Jasmine Anderson, Biopac Student Lab Product Manager 

The COVID-19 pandemic turned higher education upside-down when stay-at-home orders forced educational institutions to shift to distance learning this Spring. In hindsight, no one could have predicted what 2020 would entail – and now, while facing the pandemic, the future seems even more impossible to plan. 

When the novel coronavirus put a lockdown on our higher education institutions, instructors were required to make swift decisions on how they would continue. In the news, institutions are slowly releasing their course of action on an individual basis and plans appear to vary across the boardSome schools are announcing that they’ll forge ahead this fall while others are opting to hold off on deciding or have already closed their campus. Regardless of the plan, a common theme shines through – the fact that everyone’s trying to do the best that they can, given these complicated and unchartered circumstances.  

To help save practical labs, BIOPAC is releasing a new teaching platform, called BSL Home, that brings the lab experience directly to your students. With BSL Home students can learn physiology by recording from their own body and can run the hands-on lessons from their own home, in the dorm, at the library, whereverThe objective of Biopac Student Lab is to learn-by-doing and we’re here to help you navigate this new normal. To find out more about our distance learning solutions and regional events for the Biopac Student Lab community, please contact your local sales representative.

How are you navigating this new normal? 

To start the conversation, use the comment box to share your school’s strategy for saving the practical lab this fall. 


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