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There is no sugarcoating it—we are in some very serious times—and will remain so for the foreseeable future. The COVID-19 pandemic has not only captured the focus of the entire world community, it has illuminated shortcomings in the supply chains required for coping with a global health event of this magnitude. In the absence of a vaccine, only a concerted planet-wide effort involving thorough preparation, cooperation, and transparency will leave us better equipped to forestall a resurfacing of the coronavirus or similar pandemic. Toward that end, countries, states, and communities are scrambling to marshal the necessary PPE and medical supplies, chief among which are life-saving ventilators. In response, key industries are adapting to build vast quantities of ventilators and other much-needed equipment. To help answer this call, BIOPAC has partnered with several corporations to provide time-tested life science components for the specific purpose of testing and validating thousands of newly-made ventilators.

The BIOPAC Ventilator Validation Kit provides ventilator manufacturers and prototype developers with a complete solution for validating new medical/hospital-grade ventilator products intended for human use. The system includes a pulmonary airflow transducer, airway pressure transducer, differential amplifiers, calibration syringe, and a data acquisition system with automated pulmonary function analysis software to assist in the validation of ventilators.

Comprised of existing and evolving BIOPAC research equipment that has for years served with outstanding durability and reliability in the field, we are proud to contribute to the global effort to meet the coronavirus crisis head on.

In the face of adversity, we adapt, we innovate, we assist, and we persevere.

We hope everyone remains safe and well, and offer our deepest condolences to those who have suffered or lost loved ones.

We invite you to view a video about how the Ventilator Validation System works.

Photo by Kuma Kum on Unsplash

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