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They hailed from across the globe, from Arkansas to Zanzibar and all points between. Students, teachers, researchers, and innovators gathered on the campus of UC Santa Barbara, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. They came to learn, share, and explore breakthroughs and best practices in physiology and related fields. 4T|Phys kicked off July 17 under clear California summer skies, an idyllic setting for discovering the Tools, Trends, Techniques, and Technology driving physiology education and exploration.

4T|Phys 2023 was the third installment in BIOPAC’s highly successful series of biennial industry conferences that began in 2017. After a two-year hiatus during the global Covid-19 pandemic, 4T came roaring back this summer with more workshops, more tracks, more sponsors, more presenters, and more countries represented than ever before. Over the course of three days, nearly 100 attendees participated in hands-on sessions with some of the top minds in physiology research, experiencing the latest tools for gathering and analyzing data.

BIOPAC’s in-house experts were joined by an array of authorities from the fields of physiology, psychology, imaging (fNIRS and fMRI), neuroscience, cardiovascular research, eye tracking, virtual reality (VR), biology, and engineering. Participants took part in workshop schedules drawn from five separate tracks that included fundamentals, which focused on the basics of data acquisition and analysis. The research track took attendees on a deeper dive into techniques and technologies, including recording evoked potentials, screen-based eye tracking, impedance cardiography using trans-radial bioimpedance velocimetry (TREV), stimulus presentation, exercise physiology, and many others. Participants were also able to tour UC Santa Barbara’s state-of-the-art Brain Imaging Lab to see up close how BIOPAC products are being used in both functional MRI (fMRI) and TREV studies.

“It was an incredible experience that left a lasting impact on me by helping me to understand more about physiological data collection and analysis,” said Dr. Parth Trivedi, a 4T|Phys attendee. “The choice of presenters and the topics covered were truly inspiring, offering valuable knowledge and fresh perspectives that enriched my understanding.”

4T|Phys 2023 Attendee MapThis year’s conference featured several new tracks such as a dedicated VR track led by partner company WorldViz. The WorldViz team showcased virtual reality solutions in a series of workshops that introduced how VR is being integrated in physiology and psychology research, explained how to create effective and immersive VR experiments, and demonstrated their latest PRISM technology for creating fully immersive projected 3D virtual environments.

Several other partner companies introduced their technologies and products both in the 4T exhibition hall and in workshop sessions. Argus Science presented their ETVision eye-tracking glasses that synch seamlessly with AcqKnowledge. Cognixion demonstrated the Cognixion One Axon-R—Research Edition wearable BCI-AR computing platform, which is being used to help individuals with neurodegenerative conditions and severe motor impairments communicate and interact with their environments assisted by augmented reality. Seenel Imaging showed off their MedelOpt Systems for whole-head EEG with fNIRS, including new VR integration. Participants also got a chance to try on the Research Ring by Senstream, a new user-friendly wearable research ring, which allows easy recording of EDA, PPG, Temperature, and ECG signals. CNSystems showed off the company’s NIBP continuous noninvasive blood pressure (NIBP) and hemodynamics devices.

If you missed the educational and networking opportunities at 4T|Phys 2023, don’t despair. We will be back again in a few years, bigger and better than ever. Watch this space for updates on our next installment. In the meantime, see our Video Tutorials and Webinars On Demand for trainings and seminars on our products and partners.

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